Sewing Services

Welcome to That’s Original! A local business based in the Gosforth area of Newcastle upon Tyne providing sewing services, alterations and more. From clothing & curtain alterations to bespoke cushions & covers, you can be assured of a quality, personal service.

Curtain Alterations

  • Shortening curtains to fit
  • Adding linings & blackout linings
  • Split existing curtains to make a pair
  • Joining a pair of curtains to make a single curtain

Cushions & Covers

  • Bespoke cushion covers of any size
  • Seam repairs
  • Zip repairs

Clothing Repairs & Alterations

  • Replacing broken zips & fastenings
  • Re-hemming
  • Shortening trouser, jeans, skirts & dresses
  • Take in clothes at the waist


Whatever your sewing needs get in touch via the Contact page. Typical costs available on the Pricing page – free quotations available on request.